Alice Eleanor Matthews

Physicist, Environmentalist, Science Communicator

My name is Alice Eleanor Matthews.

Since graduating from the University of Manchester in July 2019 with a master of physics, I have been working as a contractor at an educational tech company called Fire Tech. We deliver online and in person tech camps teaching awesome courses such as artificial intelligence, python and much more.

My role is centered within the tech team, where I work closely with the director of technology, in developing new web-pages using HTML and CSS as well as php and JavaScript, all of which were brand new languages when I started. I am now working independently on the new Fire Tech Homepage as well as a mega template to ensure uniform design on all our future pages, which is an honor and a huge responsiblity.

At the moment, I am actively looking for research opportunities in the hopes to obtain a PhD. I have strong interests in astronomy, high energy particle physics, cosmology. I am interested in both theoretical analytical work, as well as observational. I have an passion working with telesopes and instrumentation. Please see my CV for additional information on my interests and previous research experiences.

In addition to this website, I have a personal blog where I discuss important topics, talk about my experiences and offer advice to others, to help young people and women, to also pursue careers and to widen the support and interest in the scientific community. I am a strong advoate for the environment and hope to make an impact for climate change as well as other women in science, offering advice on living a more green-eco friendly, and kind lifestyle.

Alongside my job at Fire Tech, I am currently at the beginning of a collaborative radio-cosmology research project with Dr Laura Wolz, from The University of Manchester. Using the DRAGONS simulation, a Dark-ages reionization and galaxy formation simulation, we plan to explore HI intensity mapping parameters.